PLA Plastic made of corn starch. A direct substitute for the plastic . Our Products are available in various Categoris like Hot and Cold cups, Carry Bags, Cutlery, Plates, Water Bottles etc.

Being fully biodegradable, these products become readily available nutrient or a food source for microorganisms. They eventually become a part of the microbial food chain, when disposed under composting

Our Bio based products help in reducing global warming, and the biodegradable products helps to ease
the waste management.


ASTM D 6400 (USA)
DIN 54900,(Germany)
EN 13432 (Europe)
CIPET (India)
IS/ISO 17088:2008

PLA Coated Paper Cups
Contains PLA coating on the inside that is
completely heat-stable,
these cups fully compost under
commercial composting conditions
Corn Starch Plastic Cutlery
Made from Corn starch,
these utensils are a great alternative to
100% virgin plastic utensils
Bio Degradable Plates
Bio Degradable Plates are made from Corn Starch.
The fibers are longer and stronger than regular paper fibers.
These plates are strong and durable.
Compostable Plastic Liners & Bags
essential for home or office.
Product line includes Biobags, compostable
plastic trash bags for all needs.

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Biodegradable Plates
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ASTM D 6400 (USA)
DIN 54900,(Germany)
EN 13432 (Europe)
CIPET (India)
IS/ISO 17088:2008
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