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Journey Ė It all Started in 2011 when we are witnessing global warming, and plastic remains everywhere, and health issues using plastic. Plastic is affordable, easily available and the maximum usability but it kill us, it kill our environment. So we need replacement, we should save our planet and very selfish human beings. We survived for thousand of years without plastic and we know how to survive but we are not interested, we want cheap, we want easy. But it costís our planet huge.

We know there are huge plastic islands floating in pacific ocean and its high time, we may not even get a chance to survive if we donít react now. So understanding the consequences of plastic, we thought to come up with safe and sustainable solution. A solution which pamper environment rather than harming it.

We got through lot of struggle while researching about biodegradable products, In india there is no products available and very limited players. After a lot of research we figured out products that are made of Sugarcane bagasse which is left over in sugar manufacturing, and husk products which is made of rice husk which is left over after rice processing. We also found numerous traditional non plastic products which we used to use before plastic conquer like made of Jute, Cotton, Coconut Coir, Areca Products etc. There are numerous applications which we are serving to reduce usage of plastic by using green products like Food packaging, Disposable bags, reusable bags, reusable tableware, disposable tableware, green advertising, Disposable water cups and tea cups. Green product packaging.etc.

We aim to provide eco-friendly products at
affordable prices. We Offer 100% eco-friendly plastic empowering industries and
consumers to choose a bio based and
fully biodegradable alternative to
traditional Plastics.

Our product range comprises of
bio-based as well as biodegradable
products which find wide applications
in day to day domestic and industrial

These include all kinds of bag, Injection
mould applications such as cutlery,pens,
boxes etc, all products are customized
based on the client requirement.

SaveGlobe products doesnt costs the earth. Our Products are available in various Categoris like Jute bags, cloth bags, natural leaf products, coconut coirpots, ecofriendly water bottles, coconut coir pots, coconut shell products edible spoons, transperant carry bags, biodegradable lunch boxes and other ecofriendly products.

Being fully biodegradable, these products become readily available nutrient or a food source for micro organisms. They eventually become a part of the microbial food chain, when disposed under composting

Our Bio based products help in reducing global warming, and the biodegradable products helps to ease
the waste management.


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