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Do you wish to start using products made of biodegradable materials, and are looking for a suitable supplier? Thanks to our years of experience we can also advise you perfectly in this

Are you planning to replace a conventional plastic by a sustainable polymer? Are you planning a new product made of biomaterial and require very specific Products?

Concerning the environmental impact, it shurely is much better to use bioplastics than petrochemical plastics, independently of their later disposal, if landfilled, incinerated or composted.

Earthware provides domestic and international leadership in biodegradable packaging to the food and beverage industries.

What is "Biodegradable"

Biodegradation is the chemical dissolution of materials by bacteria, fungi, or other biological means. Although often conflated, biodegradable is distinct in meaning from compostable. While biodegradable simply means to be consumed by microorganism, "compostable" makes the specific demand that the object break down under composting conditions.

What is "Compostable"

"compostable" makes the specific demand that the object break down under composting conditions. The term is often used in relation to ecology, waste management, biomedicine, and the natural environment (bioremediation) and is now commonly associated with environmentally friendly products that are capable of decomposing back into natural elements.

What is "Biobased"

A bio-based material is a material intentionally made from substances derived from living (or once-living) organisms. These materials are sometimes referred to as biomaterials, but this word also has another meaning. Strictly the definition could include many common materials such as wood and leather, but it typically refers to modern materials that have undergone more extensive processing. Unprocessed materials may be called biotic material. Bio-based materials or biomaterials fall under the broader category of bioproducts or bio-based products which includes materials, chemicals and energy derived from renewable biological resources. Bio-based materials are often biodegradable, but this is not always the case.

I want to buy Green Nature Products Retail?

Currently we are Offering products on order basis, All our products will be sold directly from green nature, please fill in the form to reach us and we will get back to you soon, waiting for your enquiry.

I want to buy green nature products whole sale?

Please reach us to buy green natures green products to buy in bulk and wholesale.

I want customize biodegradable products?

Please reach us to buy Customized biodegradable products, if you meet our MOQ, we can customize our products to you

What all Food packaging products you have?

Our Food packaging options include - Sugarcane bagasse tableware, Huskware reusable tableware, Natural leaf areca tableware products

What are "PLA Products / Corn Starch Products"

Polylactic acid or polylactide (PLA, Poly) is a biodegradable thermoplastic aliphatic polyester derived from renewable resources, such as corn starch (in the United States and Canada), tapioca roots, chips or starch (mostly in Asia), or sugarcane (in the rest of the world).

What are "Rice Husk products"

All rice Husk products are made from rice husks, an eco-friendly, biodegradable and green material that is safe and does not contain any harmful substances. Rice husk is an agricultural waste. Annually, the world's rice production is approximately 500 million tons. Of this, the ratio of rice husk to rice is approximately 1:4, which is equivalent to about 125 million tons of rice husks produced each year.

Does all cloth bags biodegrade

No, All clothbags are not degradable, most of the cloth we used are inclusive of polymer in it, pure cotton cloth and cora cloth are only 100% biodegradable, polyster and polymer material are involved in most of the textiles now. Nonowen bags or china jute bags are not biodegradable and its made of polymer.

What are bagasse products

Bagasse products are made solely of sugar cane fibre, which is a natural by-product of the sugar refining industry. Pulp is left after the juice has been extracted from the sugar cane stalk. Bagasse is made by pressing the pulp with intense pressure and high temperatures to a mold form. It is sterilized and sanitized. These green friendly products are oil resistant, perfectly safe and can be used with hot and cold foods or liquids

What are Coconut Coir products

is a natural fibre extracted from the husk of coconut and used in products such as pots, germination cups, floor mats, doormats, brushes, mattresses, etc. Coir is the fibrous material found between the hard, internal shell and the outer coat of a coconut.

Why is Plastic Dangerous

- 93% of the population has BPA in their bodies (Center for Disease Control). - Higher levels of BPA are associated with infertility in men and women (Kaiser Permanente). - Chemicals in plastic can also cause endocrine disruption, which can lead to cancers, birth defects, immune system supression and developmental problems in children (Ecology Center). - Plastic can take up to 1000 years to begin composting. So, almost every piece of plastic ever made still exists today (Environmental Protection Agency). - Over 46,000 pieces of plastic debris float on every square mile of ocean (National Geographic) - Americans generate more than 10.5 million tons of plastic waste per year but recycle only 1 or 2 % of it (Sierra Club).


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